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About Breathwork


Breathwork originated from ancient Eastern traditions over 2500 years ago and yogis have long known the breath to be a vehicle for liberation. Historically, the ancient spiritual texts were sung (ie, long exhales!) and there was a direct correlation to the steadying of consciousness and entering into sublime states of communion with Source/God/Self/Spirit.

Breathwork is now used as a broad term for all practices that engage the breath in a conscious manner:

BREATH AWARENESS: Breathing is both a conscious and unconscious function of the Autonomic Nervous System. We can survive without thinking about the breath, yet our response to the experiences of life (stress, trauma, shock, cold weather, traffic, etc.) affects the way we breathe. The bodies of most adults are in varying degrees of chronic distress, and the breath is shallow and constricted. Simple breath awareness practices help individuals notice when and how the breath contracts, and to then relax and restore diaphragmatic breathing. By bringing conscious awareness to our breathing patterns, we can gradually rewire the “stress response” and find greater ease, peace, and vitality in our lives.

YOGIC PRANAYAMA: Pranayama is a branch of yoga that engages breath regulatory practices to reclaim the natural breath and restore the free flow of prana (life force energy). There are a myriad of techniques that can be engaged to achieve different goals and states of experience, from energizing and clarifying the mind, to reducing anxiety and relaxing the body. The Hatha Yoga Pradipika states that “breath is the key to ultimate emancipation,” and that pranayama provides a bridge between the individual self and the universal soul.

ACTIVE BREATHWORK. Today, there are many schools of “breathwork” that branched out of Holotropic and Rebirthing methods founded in the late ‘60’s, with primary orientation towards releasing trauma in the body and accessing heightened states of awareness. These practices engage a breathing pattern that emphasizes an active, full inhalation, and passive exhalation. The breath is connected without pause, and typically engaged for some length of time. This type of breathwork is quite active and engages the full breathing apparatus to release stuck patterns and blocks in the body. 



The benefits of conscious breathwork are many and profound, including:

  • Increased physical energy and vitality; an opportunity to tap into the well of your innate, authentic life force energy (as opposed to "adrenalized energy") that becomes available when you release tension and liberate the breath
  • Release of old traumas and emotional repression from the body (often the root of dis-ease and non-beneficial life patterns)
  • Increased capacity to experience ease and equanimity in life, and to ground in the presence of stress and anxiety
  • Reduced emotional reactivity
  • Release of old habits and patterns that keep you stuck in non-beneficial patterns, relationships, and environments 
  • Improved immune function; lowered blood pressure; hormonal balance; reduced inflammatory states in the body; optimized oxygenation, cell function, and pH balance; improved sleep
  • Heightened physical 'performance' (imagine trading in a VW bug for a Ferrari!)
  • Empowerment and reclamation of your capacities to self-heal
  • Greater mental clarity, creativity, and inspiration; heightened inspiration and productivity in work and personal endeavors
  • Release of self-limiting thought forms and beliefs; shift from being a victim of life to empowered and open to receive the gifts of life
  • Greater capacity to experience love, pleasure, joy, spontaneity, and play
  • Increased sexual vitality, and sensitivity
  • Heightened state of presence and awareness of your mind/body connection
  • Mystical experiences and gnosis (direct transmission of knowledge and understanding)
  • Greater sense of connection to Source/Nature/God, and the web of life


Want to Experience Breathwork?


SCHEDULE A PRIVATE SESSION: A single private session can be life changing, and a series of private sessions can help release the deepest layers of holding in the body. With the steady presence of a facilitator, clients often feel more safe and supported going into a deep process, and together, we follow the wisdom of your breath and body to welcome profound healing and remembering.  

First Session (2hrs) - $175

Follow-up Series (4 sessions, 1.5hrs each) - $600

ATTEND A GROUP CEREMONY:  Group breathwork ceremonies offer a potent, amplified field that enable deep shifts and healing to occur. The energy of the group dynamic can help access places within that are more difficult to bring to the surface otherwise, and the gifts of coming together in community with intention for healing, integration, and personal growth are many.

BOOK A PRIVATE GROUP CEREMONY OR BREATHWORK TRAINING: I offer small group facilitation and trainings to corporate leadership teams, as well as custom ceremonies for families, couples, spiritual groups, womens' & mens' groups, yoga teacher training programs, etc. Group breathwork sessions offer an incredible opportunity to heal and transform relational dynamics, and deepen bonds and connections.


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What clients are saying

The ceremony was the most profound healing experience I have had to date.
— Tonya F.
My experience was miraculous. I felt an incredible flow of energy, especially around an old injury. Since the ceremony, all the pain is gone and I’m having a hard time believing it. GONE! I am so grateful.
— Kamala C.
This energetic connection flowed into my fingertips throughout my body, my heart, and then back out to the universe. My eyes were closed, but I could see my fingers and the energy like tesla, Love, LOVE, for and from all - shared with all - intense ecstatic love was connecting me to all that I knew, and all that I did not. Understanding wasn’t important, familiarity wasn’t important, for I was a vessel of love connected to all! This lasted an eternity - one of the most intense and amazing eternities of my life.
— Jim F.
Tai’s presence is calming and comfortable. Something about her just makes you feel like you are in good hands and I felt completely safe with her. The breathwork experience was everything she said it was going to be. Intense. Beautiful. Balancing. She is the real deal. Words can’t describe, but her gifts are special and my experience was profound.
— Julie H.
Tai is masterful at bringing people into space and holding a safe container for deep work.
— Brittany R.
What a truly extraordinary experience. I was simply blown away.
— Simon L.
What an incredible introduction to breathwork. It was amazing, humbling, and life changing.
— Nicole C.