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Breathwork Ceremonies



"What an incredible introduction to breathwork. The ceremony was amazing, humbling, and life changing." - Nicole S.


Breathwork is one of the most powerful and profound tools available for deep work of the Self. In the group breathwork ceremonies, you will engage an active, deep breathing technique to enter a state of heightened awareness and non-ordinary consciousness – a place beyond the rational thinking mind in which profound insight, healing, integration, and positive life transformation can occur. These ceremonies offer a loving, supported space in which you can release old traumas and energetic blocks from the body, and any non-beneficial patterns that do not serve the highest expression of your Being and ability to know and experience the miracle of life, and the love that is your very essence.

The breathing technique we engage in this work is similar to that taught in the Holotropic, Rebirthing, and Transformational modalities - a simple, connected breath (without pause) that emphasizes a full, active inhalation and passive exhalation. This breathing pattern increases oxygen in the body and creates a high frequency field which allows repressed material to rise for release and integration.

Through verbal cueing and hands-on facilitation, you will be guided to

While it's challenging to convey the profound experiences one can have simply through conscious, connecting breathing, people have described their experience as life changing, and many have shared stories of healing physical ailments and psychological patterns

While each breathwork journey is unique, it's common to experience:

  • Emotional release (sadness, grief, etc.) expressed through tears, laughter, shaking, sounding, etc.
  • Deep relaxation and meditative states
  • Ecstatic states and feelings of bliss
  • Expanded awareness and "visions"
  • Insights and understandings around your life and the Universe
  • Connections to other realms of existence
  • Heightened sensitivity and awareness of the body's energetic system
  • Clarity around life decisions, projects, and next steps
  • Healing of the physical and emotional body (such as PTSD)

Through conscious breathwork, the body can release deep layers of physical and emotional tension that obscure the vitality of your inner Being. While life’s journey is a continual process of de-armoring and shedding these dense layers, breathwork is an incredible tool for supporting this process and clearing distortions in your field that might be manifesting as confusion, lethargy, disease, chronic pain, or generally feeling "stuck."  


Please contact me if you have any questions about this work, or would like to bring a ceremony to your community!

What to expect & What to bring

Group ceremonies are an incredible opportunity to do deep transformational work while being supported in a safe container. The ceremonies include an opening meditation, some light movement and/or preparatory breathing exercises, the breathwork journey, and closing circle. A consciously crafted soundtrack provides a narrative arc to the journey, enhanced with live instrumentation (drumming, rattling, chanting). As a facilitator, I hold a powerful space and frequency to support each individual and the group field.


SATURDAY 3/25 - Lafayette, CA

1:00-3:30pm @ Oakwood Athletic Club

*Non-members welcome to attend. Register directly with Oakwood.

SUNDAY 3/26 - San Francisco - SOLD OUT

3:30-6:00pm @ The Center SF

(EASTER) SUNDAY 4/16 - Seattle - SOLD OUT

4:00-6:30pm @ Two Dog Yoga

SUNDAY 6/11 - Seattle

4:00-6:30pm @ Two Dog Yoga


The ceremony was the most profound healing experience I have had to date.
— Tonya F.
My experience was miraculous. I felt an incredible flow of energy, especially around an old injury. Since the ceremony, all the pain is gone and I’m having a hard time believing it. GONE! I am so grateful.
— Kamala C.
This energetic connection flowed into my fingertips throughout my body, my heart, and then back out to the universe. My eyes were closed, but I could see my fingers and the energy like tesla, Love, LOVE, for and from all - shared with all - intense ecstatic love was connecting me to all that I knew, and all that I did not. Understanding wasn’t important, familiarity wasn’t important, for I was a vessel of love connected to all! This lasted an eternity - one of the most intense and amazing eternities of my life.
— Jim F.
Tai’s presence is calming and comfortable. Something about her just makes you feel like you are in good hands and I felt completely safe with her. The breathwork experience was everything she said it was going to be. Intense. Beautiful. Balancing. She is the real deal. Words can’t describe, but her gifts are special and my experience was profound.
— Julie H.
Tai is masterful at bringing people into space and holding a safe container for deep work.
— Brittany R.
What a truly extraordinary experience. I was simply blown away.
— Simon L.
What an incredible introduction to breathwork. It was amazing, humbling, and life changing.
— Nicole C.