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VIVEKA: Illuminating Your Life - Baja Retreat, Nov 2019


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VIVEKA: Illuminating Your Life - Baja Retreat, Nov 2019

  • Prana del Mar Mexico (map)

"Everybody needs to take time, in some way, to quiet themselves and really listen to their heart." –Jack Kornfield

Join me on the beaches of Baja for an illuminating and rejuvenating week in retreat. The invitation is one of liberating and integrating the dynamic range of your being in support of a more meaningful and rich life experience. This type of experiential journey holds the potential to deeply impact your developmental growth and capacity to engage life from a place of greater awareness, empowerment, inspiration, resiliency, and peace.

With mental processes being critically overtaxed, it is essential to turn the dial of the signal-to-noise ratio and reconnect to that which is beyond the chatter and neurosis of the mind – to a place of deep tranquility, clarity, and wisdom. In doing so, we reconnect to the essential movement of life seeking to express through us, and perhaps more importantly, we reconnect to that which sustains and guides us through the most challenging terrain of life. We illuminate our own North Star and guiding light. 

The retreat experience is one of tremendous alchemical potential, and it is my honor to hold space for your continued growth, revelation, and radiance of being.

As conscious human beings, our experience and potential relies on integrated, holistic well-being – body, mind, and spirit. As such, this retreat is designed to serve you on all levels. Short talks and teachings (and journaling & writing prompts) will be offered to support heightened self-understanding and awareness, and somatic practices will be incorporated to access that which is stored in the body and psyche…beyond conscious reach.

We will begin each day with seated meditation, followed by a dynamic, alignment-based Vinyasa Yoga practice to awaken vital energy flow and unwind tension patterns in the body. Mid-day will be yours to enjoy slow meals on the veranda, walk the labyrinth or beach, or soak up some Vitamin D by the pool.

Afternoon sessions will include a combination of dynamic breathwork (similar to Rebirthing & Holotropic modalities), Yin & Restorative-based yoga, yogic pranayama, and dharma talks and discussion.

Each day will conclude with silent meditation, and if you are so inclined, stargazing from the rooftop lounge or hot tub.

Viveka is a Sanskrit word referring to the faculty of discernment and our capacity to see ourselves more clearly. It is a continuous practice of questioning our beliefs and stories about ourselves, the world, and gaining clarity about what “possesses” and “binds” us in limitation. As more is revealed in the light of awareness, we have stronger understanding of cause and effect, and ability to RESPOND instead of react. We have the opportunity to make choices that will empower the trajectory of our lives, and our ability to bring a mature perspective and action to a world in dire need of it.


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