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VIVEKA: Illuminating Your Life - Baja Retreat, Nov 2019


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VIVEKA: Illuminating Your Life - Baja Retreat, Nov 2019

  • Prana del Mar Mexico (map)

"Everybody needs to take time, in some way, to quiet themselves and really listen to their heart." –Jack Kornfield

You are invited to an illuminating and rejuvenating week in personal retreat. This is an opportunity to step outside your daily routine and attend to what is present, waiting to be seen with the light of your awareness. It is an opportunity for reconnection and renewal – one of discovering a deeper essence of being that is a source of clarity, wisdom, creativity, abiding peace, and unbounded love that is within you, ever present.

The week is offered to serve your integrated well-being and embodied presence:

Begin each day with a 90-minute practice of mindful, alignment-based Vinyasa & Hatha yoga. Whether you’re new to the practice or a seasoned practitioner, you will be guided in a process of deepening refinement and awareness, with emphasis on quality and integrity of engagement over “quantity.” With utmost regard for the body, you will cultivate a structurally sound foundation for your evolving practice and be guided with articulate instruction and intelligent sequencing. Tai offers a rare balance of strong, alignment-based asana work framed within the broader context of yoga and self-realization, and enjoys integrating pranayama, mantra, myth, and philosophical teachings into the practice.

You will experience two Breathwork Journeys during the retreat to unwind tension in the body and open the doors of awakened perception. This work arises from the Holotropic and Rebirthing modalities, and many have experienced this work to be life changing. One participant described it as a 20-years of therapy condensed into one experiential journey. As a facilitator, Tai offers steady and compassionate presence to support you in meeting what arises, and integrates shamanic healing work. 

Throughout the week, guided meditation will be offered in the Vipassana and Insight-based traditions. The practice supports increased clarity about the nature of the mind, and disentanglement from your identification with it. The result is often a heightened sense of inner peace, and capacity to engage life from a place of greater awareness, wisdom, alignment, equanimity, and sovereignty.

Plenty of free time is integrated into the week for your rest and integration. Take a long walk on the beach, read on your private patio, soak up the sun by the pool, star gaze from the hot tub, or enjoy a daytime excursion to kayak, surf, ride horseback on the beach, or learn some new culinary skills with Prana del Mar's fabulous chef.

Viveka is a Sanskrit word referring to the faculty of discernment and our capacity to see ourselves more clearly. It is a continuous practice of questioning our beliefs and stories about ourselves, the world, and gaining clarity about what “possesses” and “binds” us in limitation. As more is revealed in the light of awareness, we have stronger understanding of cause and effect, and ability to RESPOND instead of react. We have the opportunity to make choices that will empower the trajectory of our lives, and our ability to bring a mature perspective and action to a world in dire need of it. Viveka is the vehicle for heightened awareness, growth, and as the yogis propose, ultimate liberation.


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