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Women's Breathwork Ceremony - Seattle


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Women's Breathwork Ceremony - Seattle

  • Ritual House of Yoga (map)

“The ceremony was the most profound healing experience I have had to date.” –T.F.

In the potent field that’s created when women come together in support of healing, integration, and growth, you will be guided in an active, deep breathing process to liberate nonproductive patterns held in the body and mind, and open to greater capacity to engage life from a place of ease, enjoyment, clarity, authenticity, compassion, and sovereignty.       

The ceremony is an experiential journey in which an active, deep breathing process is engaged to release “knots” of tension that have developed in response to experiences of overwhelm and the need to shut down, protect, sublimate, or disassociate. By engaging a continuous deep breath within a safe container of support, the body has the opportunity to “breathe through” undigested layers of experience and reclaim the vital energy bound within them. As such, breathwork serves as a powerful tool for accessing the subconscious and addressing the root cause of symptoms manifesting as experiences of disconnection, overwhelm, doubt, depression, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue and a myriad of physical and psychological ailments.

This practice – similar to Holotropic, Rebirthing, and Transformational styles of breathwork - can open the doors of perception in life affirming and inspiring ways. It is a vehicle for profound clarity and accessing a deep, embodied wisdom that lives beyond the reaches of the mind.

Tai holds a strong, compassionate, and sacred container for deep work of the self, and you will receive individual support throughout the journey. For more information about the nature of this work and preparation for the ceremony, please visit the About Breathwork page.

**Although this practice is simple in technique, it can be strong in effect. If any of the conditions apply to you, please contact Tai to discuss further prior to registering: pregnancy, severe hypertension or cardiovascular disease, epilepsy, bipolar disorders or schizophrenia, recent major surgeries, or history of significant trauma.

COST: $65; pre-registration required

Earlier Event: October 20
Breathwork Ceremony - Seattle (SOLD OUT)
Later Event: November 3
Breathwork Ceremony - Seattle