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Tantric Yoga & Meditation Retreat | Costa Rica


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Tantric Yoga & Meditation Retreat | Costa Rica


For those seeking to find deeper fulfillment, simplicity, and joy in their lives, this Tantric yoga & meditation retreat offers the perfect opportunity to immerse in a rich experience of Being and self-discovery.

Tantra means “to weave,” and the tantric tradition is one of ENGAGEMENT. It is a practice of turning towards life, orienting from the perspective that our very essence is of perfection. The practice of yoga helps us dissolve that which obscures our true nature, creating more capacity to embody our highest potential as Spirit in action. From a tantric orientation, the spiritual experience is woven into the fabric of everyday life. It is not something we just do on the yoga mat or meditation cushion, but a living, moment-to-moment practice. The barriers between “spiritual” and “material” are dissolved, resulting in a rich tapestry of life experience that is imbued with vitality, abundance, possibility, prosperity, creativity, and love.

This retreat offers the framework and guidance to support the deepening of your practice at all levels, including the ability to simply ENJOY life and find deep contentment, empowerment, and ease of Being. Core pillars of the programming include:

MEDITATION: Meditation and contemplative practices allow us to experience the part of ourselves that does not change – an eternal well of energy, creativity, wisdom, and love. In learning to anchor awareness in this place of Being, we cultivate our ability to navigate the currents of life with equanimity and grace. Your days will begin and end with seated meditation (silent & guided), and several meditative and contemplative practices will be woven in throughout the week.

YOGA: Each morning you will enjoy a 90-minute asana practice (vinyasa/hatha flow) to clear, circulate, and build your prana (lifeforce energy) and set the foundation for an incredible day. Yoga is truly the science of energy management, and in these mindful vinyasa yoga sessions, you will refine awareness about how to work with breath and subtle energetics to deepen and advance your practice. More importantly, you will evolve as your own healer, learning how to assess what YOU need and how to use the practice of yoga to best support your lifelong well-being and development. I teach a mindful, strong, ALL-LEVELS practice, with a combination of dynamic heat building sequences and longer hatha-style holds for deepening and refinement. Mantra, mudra, visualizations, and nyasa (placing consciousness in different parts of the body) are utilized to enhance the practice, and the afternoon sessions will be a combination of slow flow, yin, restorative, and yoga nidra practices.

BREATHWORK: In addition to yogic pranayama, at least two (optional) “transformational breathwork ceremonies” will be offered. These are intense, potent, and beautiful opportunities to access a state of expanded consciousness and awareness for your healing and personal growth.

RITUAL & CEREMONY: In addition to breathwork ceremonies we will conduct a fire ceremony and other nature-based, simple rituals to enhance our connection to the great web of life.

NATURE: Nature is a wonderful teacher, and we will immerse in our beautiful Costa Rican jungle home for healing, nourishment, and awakening. Nature-based meditations and rituals will be offered, as well as plenty of free time to soak up the strong prana of the land and elements.


Later Event: June 11
Breathwork Ceremony