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Yin Revolution: An Evening for Women with Jeannie Zandi


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Yin Revolution: An Evening for Women with Jeannie Zandi

  • Nalanda West 3902 Woodland Park Ave N Seattle, WA 98103 (map)

Jeannie Zandi is a spiritual teacher based in Colorado and one of my dearest mentors. I am honored to host her for a women’s gathering on the evening of Wednesday, April 24th, which will include meditation, satsang, and opportunity to receive Jeannie’s guidance to presence what’s surfacing in your experience. Jeannie is a true gem and this is an opportunity not to be missed!


The divine feminine has the power to transform, re-green and drench the arid with her sweet waters. Enjoy meditation, guided meditation, a talk and a time for exchange as we summon the lost and banished beauty and power of yin. Stand strong in deep trust of her voice as it speaks through you in fertile presence, soft strength and reverence for life. Restore the queen to her throne in your heart and let wisdom reign.

Jeannie’s gift for inviting people to join her in resting and rooted presence evokes a deep meeting with oneself and reality. Within that, her humor and iconoclasm serve to bring people into an understanding that is beyond the intellectual. Through silent and guided meditation, spontaneous talks, exchange, and at times experiential exercises, Jeannie will host a space of clarity and warmth where the true richness of life can be experienced and your innermost spiritual questions can be met fully.

Location: Nalanda West (Mahabodhi Great Room) | 3902 Woodland Park Ave N, Seattle 98103
Suggested donation: $20

For more information, contact: Tai at or 206.384.2007.

For more info about Jeannie see or

Jeannie Zandi is the director of Living as Love, a nonprofit organization dedicated to seeding a culture of the Heart on the planet, inspiring, teaching and supporting people to live from their essence as Love. A year before the birth of her daughter, Jeannie was plunged into a dark night of the soul that culminated in a radical shift of consciousness. She is known for her fearless clarity, tender mercy toward humanness, and a juicy, poetic and often humorous style that draws from Advaita Vedanta, Sufism, Christian mysticism and the ongoing revelation of fully engaged living. Residing in Colorado, she travels widely in the US, bringing a down-to-earth embodied teaching of living as love.