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The Knot Unties: Three-Month Intensive

The Knot unties:

A journey of Discovery, INTEGRATION, & Liberation

SMALL GROUP Intensive With Tai hubbeRT

WINTER 2017: JANUARY 26 - April 2, 2017 (FuLL - WAIT LIST ONLY) 

- Course overview & intention -

The intention of this course is to serve as both a crucible and sanctuary for those on the path of self-realization. The intimately held container offers the opportunity to be supported in an amplified field of awakening and relational support while the benevolent forces of dissolution reveal Truth of Being. Engaging practices including meditation, sharing and discussion, somatic inquiry, simple ritual, and breathwork, this course will support awakening to new levels of perception and awareness, and serve your integrated evolution and ability to engage life with greater wisdom, empowerment, gratitude, and grace. Key pillars of the journey include:

Self-Discovery & Remembering All great wisdom and spiritual traditions espouse the importance of “Knowing thyself” as a means to end suffering.  The experiential nature of this course will help you awaken to what’s under the veil of your own thoughts and constructs of ego/mind, and support insight around potential blind spots that unconsciously play out in your life experience and orientation. 

Integration & Wholeness:  Awakening is not about being holy or saintly, but being whole inside – undivided. This course will help you drop any idealized notion of spirituality and be REAL with your experience to support true integration and union. We will explore common symptoms of spiritual bypassing (overemphasis on the positive and becoming happy, emotional repression, detachment, lopsided personal development, superiority, saving/fixing others, etc.), and shine the light of awareness into deeper layers of unconscious patterns. The breathwork and supporting practices are intended to help you release, heal, and integrate old experiences so that you may reclaim and embody your full vitality and natural state of Being. 

Destruction & Liberation:  This course will support the release of conditioning and psychic “knots,” and offer you a container of support while you experience the potential disorientation that follows the destruction of various identities and concepts – even egoic structures that may have built around the spiritual quest. You will be supported in the process of letting go and deep surrender, breaking free from the gravitational force of the individual dream state, and that of the collective.

Bodhisattva & Living in the Heart of Reality: The course will support you more fully inhabit the heart of reality, a place beyond concept or beliefs about what it means to be compassionate, loving, a healer/teacher, etc. Reality is true to itself, and by burning in the crucible of your own dissolution, you will simply BE a bodhisattva and able to hold a hot container for others.  


The three-month journey will meet twice monthly, including one weekday evening (Thursday 6:15-9:30pm) and one full weekend day (Sunday 10am-5pm). This allows time in-between to integrate and reflect, and enough consistency to maintain a steady thread of engagement.

The programming for the course will be loosely structured around the “granthis” – a Sanskrit word meaning “knot” or “doubt” ­– an “especially difficult knot to untie.” Granthis are described as psychological barriers to freedom, binding our soul and locking us in misperceptions of reality and self.  While all we can truly do is bring awareness and open to grace, we will create the intention to untie three primary knots through experiential practices and inquiry:

Month 1: Brahma Granthi (1st & 2nd chakras) Practices in the first month will address issues of human embodiment (saying YES to being here), survival, self-worth, safety, and fear. We will endeavor to bring awareness to the deepest currents of early experience that influence our lives, and to our relationships and associations with the material world.        

Month 2: Vishnu Granthi (3rd, 4th, and 5th chakras) This Granthi is associated with the bondage of emotional attachment, and also connected to individual ego and personal power. This month will focus on exploring the nature of the emotional experience and transcendence of self-images. 

Month 3:  Rudra Granthi (6th & 7th chakras): This knot is said to sit between I-ness and universal consciousness. We will explore attachments to spiritual concepts and phenomena, and the process of moving beyond identity – into the experience of consciousness awakening to itself.


Tremendous power and transformational potential is available in intentional containers of relational support. Anchored in the recognition of each individual's absolute perfection, as well as the common intention for healing and growth, a safe environment is created in which we can be seen in our vulnerability and "messyness" of our human journey. We create a community of practice through a commitment to show up and be fully honest and present to what IS, and to serve each other's growth and awakening. This group will be limited to 10 participants, and will be lovingly and impeccably held as a safe place to be seen, witnessed, supported, and encouraged. 


This course is not intended to be an introduction to personal growth and/or spiritual development. Rather, it is best suited for individuals who have said YES to the process of awakening and are seeking a supportive field in which the benevolent forces of destruction can reveal Truth. Because of the nature of this work, a strong commitment is required to participate and attendance at all sessions is requested. If pre-existing conflicts exist, please contact Tai to discuss.


The group will meet twice monthly, including one weekday evening (Thursday) and one full weekend day (Sunday), for 30hrs total contact time. This will allow you time in-between to integrate and reflect, and enough consistency to maintain a steady thread of engagement for the duration. Awareness-based practices will be offered to deepen your inquiry and reflection in-between meetings.

Dates and meetings times for the WINTER 2017 circle:


Thursday, January 26th: 6:30-9:30pm

Sunday, February 5th: 10am-5pm

Thursday, February 23rd: 6:30-9:30pm

Sunday, March 5th: 10am-5pm

Thursday, March 16th: 6:30-9:30pm

Sunday, April 2nd: 10am-5pm

Thursday evening sessions will include guided meditation, talking stick circle for personal check-in, brief dharma talk/discussion, short movement practice, and group breathwork journey.

Sunday sessions will include guided meditation, talking stick circle for personal check-in, lecture/discussion, somatic inquiries (yoga-like movement, qigong, pranayama, chanting, etc.), and partnered breathwork journeys with recapitulation following. 


Meetings will be held in a private garden studio in the north Seattle (near Lake City Way NE & NE 125th Street). Specific location provided upon registration and/or inquiry.



**The Winter 2017 program has reached capacity. Please contact Tai to be added to the waitlist, or be notified when registration for the Spring program opens.


$575 with registration by January 1st; $650 after.  Payment plans available as needed.

TO REGISTER, please submit your $100 (non-refundable) deposit via the link below. Upon receipt, you will be sent a questionnaire to complete and if there is not alignment for this course - based on Tai's assessment - your refund will be returned. 

The remaining balance can be paid by check (made payable to Sword & Lotus) at the first session.  If you would prefer to pay the entire registration (by check) upfront, please mail your check to the address below and email Tai to indicate the registration has been sent:


Please note that registration is limited to TEN (10) participants, so please register early if you’re feeling called to participate. Should the group not reach minimum attendance, full refunds will be issued.

You are not IN the universe, you ARE the universe, an intrinsic part of it. Ultimately, you are not a person but a focal point where the universe is becoming conscious of itself. What an amazing miracle
— Eckhart Tolle