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The Work


“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” – Carl Jung

As a holistic, integrative arts practitioner, my orientation is one of helping people unwind nonproductive patterns and move towards greater awareness, freedom, peace, and fulfillment.

My work draws from a wide toolkit that supports the process of bringing the unconscious into the light of awareness. Meditation and mindful inquiry serves as a foundational practice in this effort to become increasingly aware of that which influences the reality we experience, and our quality of life. It is a process of turning attention inward and exploring the nature of our mind, and how our conditioning, early programming, and applied filters color the lens of our perception and experience. In disentangling attachment to that which is ephemeral and impermanent, we have more opportunity to make conscious choice – to respond rather than react – and to experience a richer and more rewarding life.

Just as we can see deeper into a lake when the surface is still, we can see further into the content of our psyche as we develop capacity to maintain witnessing awareness and equanimity as we meet what arises. We gain access to the more deeply embedded programming of our operating system, so to speak, and can track to the root of our symptoms (physical, psychological, behavioral). In my experience, these ‘core wounds’ are not easily accessed by the conscious mind in ordinary states of awareness ­– as they are often deeply embedded in our somatic (body-oriented) memory and subconscious. Practices like breathwork not only help unwind physical tension patterns that bind our life force energy in knots, but like psychedelics or deep meditative states, can induce shifts in consciousness that bring about profound insight, realization, and revelation.     

While my path has touched many spiritual traditions and healing modalities, my orientation is towards that which is beyond the forms and frameworks. Thus, the modalities and teachings I engage (meditation, yoga and yogic philosophy, Buddhism, Shamanism, Christian mysticism, contemporary psychology, neuropsychology, mythology, etc.) are utilized simply to support freedom and reconnection to one’s innate capacity for healing and growth.


In my experience, true healing, integration, transformation, and freedom comes from an individual’s sincere intention and courageous action to be at peace, and to grow. As I once heard someone say, you can’t fix a car by disconnecting the cable that turned on the “Check Engine” light – you actually need to lift up the hood, get your hands dirty, and address the root of the problem. True evolution requires radical honesty and willingness to have our own blind spots reflected back, and to take responsibility for our lives. It requires training our capacity to observe and sit with the contents of our experience, and to question our assumptions, beliefs, and that which shapes our sense of identity. As such, this work is for anyone who has the sincere desire to heal, and to experience greater peace, wisdom, gratitude, and joy in this life.


As a teacher and practitioner, my role is not one of “healing” you, but rather providing a safe space in which you can grow and come to know yourself more deeply. It is one of holding compassionate presence as you meet all that arises in your self and your experience, and to offer steadied, anchored presence through the process of your integration. It is one of engaging whatever tool available I have available – whether it be a somatically oriented trauma release technique or teaching from yogic philosophy – to support freedom of body and mind. More information on my background and orientation can be found HERE.


I offer private coaching and ‘psychospiritual’ counseling, which can either be dialogue-based support and mentorship, and/or integration of somatic practices including yoga, meditation, conscious breathwork and breath awareness training, and shamanic journeying. This support can be done in-person in Seattle, or virtually via video conferencing.  I teach weekly yoga classes in Seattle, as well as monthly group breathwork ceremonies. For those seeking an immersive retreat experience, I typically offer 1-2 retreats annually.

I am honored to serve that which calls forth awakening, and give gratitude for the opportunity to take the journey together.



Ancient teachings applied to contemporary life. Engage in a holistic framework for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Reclaim your breath, reclaim your life. Breathwork is a powerful tool for releasing hurts of the past and opening to the gifts of the present.

Disconnect to connect. Take a pause from daily life to embark on a beautiful journey of self discovery, nourishment, and growth.

Receive guidance, reflection, and support as you navigate the tender challenges of life and step towards heart-centered living. 

"Tai has a connection with the eternal and the infinite. She is competent far beyond herself."  – Steven G.