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The Work


Within every individual is the light of being, beckoning us Home. We feel the longing in our hearts – a stirring discontent that makes us question who and what we are, and the way we live as individuals and as a society. This evolutionary spark is often catalyzed by challenging life circumstances (chronic or acute illness, major loss, existential crises, etc.), and for some, it’s a gradual journey ­– a trek up the mountain to higher vantage points of awareness, understanding, and ultimately, surrender to something far greater than ourselves.

This ‘pilgrimage of the Self’ is a not an easy one, as to reconnect with all that resides in the majesty of our hearts, we must meet the tender core wounds of our early experience, and the vigilant coping mechanisms that were developed to keep us safe and navigate in a wounded world. In being disconnected from our own Essence, we now reside in conceptually interpreted realities that don’t touch the profound beauty, creative potential, and experience of Love that is our birthright.  

While my path has touched many spiritual traditions and healing modalities, my orientation is towards that which is beyond the forms and frameworks. Thus, the modalities I engage (yoga, meditation, shamanism, breathwork, etc.) are utilized simply to help one return to the ever-present NOW, to the ground of being that offers a true experience of liberation.

It is my honor and joy to serve that which calls forth our awakening. 




Ancient teachings applied to contemporary life. Engage in a holistic framework for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Reclaim your breath, reclaim your life. Breathwork is a powerful tool for releasing hurts of the past and opening to the gifts of the present.

Disconnect to connect. Take a pause from daily life to embark on a beautiful journey of self discovery, nourishment, and growth.

Receive guidance, reflection, and support as you navigate the tender challenges of life and step towards heart-centered living. 

"Tai has a connection with the eternal and the infinite. She is competent far beyond herself." 

-Steven G.