Welcome to Sword & Lotus, the holistic wellness & teaching practice of Tai Hubbert, RYT.

As a guide in the healing and conscious evolutionary process, Tai draws upon her deep roots in yoga, meditation, breathwork, and shamanism to help individuals ignite the desire, confidence, insight, and compassion to reclaim their life and enjoy a deeper connection to self, others, nature, and spirit. These traditions remind us that we are more than just a body with an ego and provide frameworks for investigating our relationship to the mind and our collective conditioning. Even more significantly, they offer tools to bypass constructs created by the mind so that we may experience the true source from which everything originates – the field of consciousness. This is the space in which profound healing, guidance, and support is available to all beings, as it is our true divine nature. In this process, we learn to celebrate our humanity and our divinity, finding deep compassion for Self and others and celebrating our radiance, potential, and power.

It is Tai's deep desire to see all individuals blossom into the fullest expression of their Being and her utmost joy to facilitate this process. She teaches weekly yoga in Greenlake (Seattle) and facilitates yoga, meditation, breathwork and shamanic-related workshops, retreats, and intensives in Seattle and internationally. Tai offers private shamanic healing & breathwork sessions in Seattle, and offers distance support (shamanic/intuitive) for clients around the world. She is also available for private (individual or group) instruction for yoga, meditation, and customized one-on-one work to support stress reduction through breath awareness and life/health coaching.