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An Introduction


Someone asked me several years ago that if I died the next day, would I feel “complete” and fulfilled in the life I had lived? My answer at the time was NO. I had a high-paying job in the advertising and design industry, lived in a nice home with my partner, and in many respects, had all the ingredients for a great life. But I was exhausted. I had chronic headaches (for over a decade!) that rendered me nearly incapacitated by the time I got home from work, along with other health challenges. I didn’t feel inspired by life, and I spent exorbitant amounts of money simply trying to feel better and identify the underlying cause of my ailments. Realizing that life had to be so much more than what I was experiencing, I essentially left everything to redirect my life’s compass and forge a new path. 

My journey has followed a long and winding road in which I’ve cultivated a broad toolkit and understanding of what’s required to reclaim health, vitality, and personal power. I spent time in residence at a Zen monastery deepening my meditation practice and rediscovering the joy that comes from simple living in community, immersed in nature. I spent several months at yoga ashram studying yoga, meditation, philosophy, Ayurveda, and the nature of the mind. I immersed in the world of shamanism, studying core shamanic healing practices and expanding my own awareness through ceremonies and rituals in various traditions (including vegetalismo practices of the Amazon). 

Most importantly, I walked the difficult and beautiful path of my own awakening and self-realization, learning to listen to the messages of my body, heart, and soul and to courageously navigate into the unknown. In many ways, my path has been one of REMEMBERING – learning to see past all that obscures the radiance of my true nature – an expression of the One, connected to everything. 

And while the journey carries on and I continue to burn in the transformational fires, my experience of life is now one of deep engagement, health, surrender, passion, pleasure, and purpose. I walk in my integrity and allow the highest intelligence of my heart to lead the way. My answer to that question is now YES. Not only do I feel deep fulfillment as a result of living in alignment with the Source, but my entire perception on the nature of life (and death) has transformed in the most beautiful way.

As a dedicated warrior and servant of the Holy, it is my dharma and passion to support others in remembering who they ARE. I believe it is our birthright to know our essence and to reclaim our power as creators of the reality we experience, and my honor to help people light up this world with the radiance of their ultimate expression.  

May you walk in Beauty.


"Let us dream a new dream and birth ourselves into Being, so that we may know heaven on Earth."