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Tai’s presence is calming and comfortable and welcoming. Something about her just makes you feel like you’re in good hands. The breathwork and shamanic healing experience was everything she said it was going to be. Intense. Beautiful. Balancing. She is the real deal. You feel like you are dealing with an honest open person who does this kind of healing for the love of it and for the love of people. Words can’t describe but her gifts are special and my experience was profound.
— Julie H.
Tai is intuitive and deeply caring about her clients. Her work helped me move through some deep issues easily and in a short amount of time. I highly recommend Tai to anyone seeking perspective on current issues in their lives.
— Abby M.
I have worked with Tai in three separate capacities: a shamanic healing session, a distance healing (teleconference), and a breathwork ceremony. She is an amazing healer, gentle yet powerful. I have come out of every session with more than what I hoped for, and I have had ground-breaking movement/healing in my life because of her help. Afterward, she follows up with helpful resources, a review of the session, and next steps. I HIGHLY recommend her services. There is no judgment in her heart and she is very comforting, easy to talk to, and every experience I’ve had with her has been easy and enjoyable (despite the intensity and deep level of suffering on my part). She is obviously entrusted by higher powers as the information she receives is spot on and completely personal. Do yourself the favor and give her a call.
— Kamala C.
Thank you for your tenderness, your wisdom, your vision. I am delighted to have found you and your work.
— Amanda F.
I have been involved in Shamanic work for 25 years and have seldom seen a more powerful practitioner than Tai. She provides precise and useful information and gets to the heart of the issue quickly. All of this while maintaining a heartfelt connection and professional approach. I highly recommend her work.
— Bond A.
The way you held space was just what I needed. I really appreciate the power and open heartedness you brought to the session.
— Abby H.
I loved our time together and got so much out of it. I walked out feeling so much lighter and that feeling has stayed with me. I can’t thank you enough!
— Kristen B.


The ceremony was the most profound healing experience I have had to date.
— Tonya F.
What an incredible introduction to breathwork. It was amazing, humbling, and life changing.
— Nicole C.
My experience was miraculous. I felt an incredible flow of energy, especially around an old injury. Since the ceremony, all the pain is gone and I’m having a hard time believing it. GONE! I am so grateful.
— Kamala C.
What a truly extraordinary experience. I was simply blown away.
— Simon L.
If I could describe last night’s breathwork event in one word, it would be ‘Sensational!’

Thank you so much for providing a safe sanctuary for us to practice healing and well being. I feel empowered and confident after practicing my breathwork like that for the first time, and that is all thanks to you.
— Lisa L.
The experience was powerfully loving in a way I cannot put into words. It literally brought me to tears to receive the breath so fully.
— Christa G.
Tai’s presence is calming and comfortable. Something about her just makes you feel like you are in good hands and I felt completely safe with her. The breathwork experience was everything she said it was going to be. Intense. Beautiful. Balancing. She is the real deal. Words can’t describe, but her gifts are special and my experience was profound.
— Julie H.
Tai is masterful at bringing people into space and holding a safe container for deep work.
— Brittany R.
It was a life changing experience.
— Matt M.
This energetic connection flowed into my fingertips throughout my body, my heart, and then back out to the universe. My eyes were closed, but I could see my fingers and the energy like tesla, Love, LOVE, for and from all - shared with all - intense ecstatic love was connecting me to all that I knew, and all that I did not. Understanding wasn’t important, familiarity wasn’t important, for I was a vessel of love connected to all! This lasted an eternity - one of the most intense and amazing eternities of my life.
— Jim F.
What an absolute joy to meet you and participate in the Breathwork Ceremony! It was really a wonderful experience. Your abundant generosity and integrity set such a beautiful container for our time. My friends, all new to breathwork, really enjoyed it and were surprised by the benefits! We all wanted to say thanks for the amazing soundtrack - it provided such a great background and flow. Thanks so much!!!
— Scott N.


Tai’s gentle, wise words with the balance of her strengthening, powerful presence, created the space for me to heal and grow at the retreat. Her humility and genuine heart of compassion facilitated one of the most transformative weeks of my soul. Tai steered when I needed a nudge of direction (in yoga practice or in a conversation through her questions) and graciously allowed space for me to explore my own capacities, providing her supportive silent presence, when she sensed strength and wisdom in me, I had not yet discovered.
— Elizabeth K.