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1:1 Support


I am honored to work with individuals (and groups) seeking support, guidance, and reflection on the path of healing, integrated growth and personal development. I draw on a wide toolkit to support holistic wellbeing, including meditation and mindfulness-based practices, breathwork, yoga, shamanic healing, and more dialogue-based guidance to support context and clarity for what’s arising in one’s experience.

I currently see clients in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, and remote sessions are done via Zoom or Skype.

BREATHWORK & shamanic healing


Breathwork is a tremendous resource for those seeking clarity, grounding, resilience, and resource to navigate life’s terrain. From navigating loss and grief to gaining clarity about challenging decisions, breathwork can support release of tension and anxiety from the body, and clarity and confidence to move forward in alignment with one’s truth. Many have referred to their experience in breathwork as the equivalent to ‘one year in psychotherapy,’ and report lasting effects from the work.

I integrate shamanic healing into breathwork sessions, and also offer stand alone shamanic healing. Again, this work can bring unique perspective to what’s surfacing in one’s experience, and I have worked with clients seeking fertility support, healing and resolution from difficult/complex relationships, traumatic events, and a myriad of physical and psychological ailments.


Breathwork & Healing Sessions (approx. 1.5-2hrs): $180; or pre-pay three sessions for $500

Couples Breathwork Ceremony (approx. 2hrs): $300

Private Group Ceremonies: Contact Tai for a quote; travel to group retreats and conferences available





I am honored to offer guidance and coaching to those seeking perspective and tools to meet their experience. This can serve as a beneficial adjunct to more traditional talk therapy, informed by a broader spiritual/energetic perspective. These sessions can include guided meditation and visualization, and shamanic journeywork as appropriate. Please contact me with any questions about whether there’s alignment to work together in this capacity.


Coaching & Guidance Sesssions (in-person or remote; approx. 60-min): $125


YOga, Meditation, & Mindfulness instruction

As an experienced yoga teacher, and meditation teacher/practitioner, I work with individuals seeking to unlock the power of these traditions to support holistic wellbeing and growth. Sessions can be focused on yoga asana and alignment refinement, to deepening understanding of applied yogic philosophy. I also work with clients to develop custom programs to support specific needs.

With a background in the corporate sector, I am uniquely positioned to bring mindfulness training into the workplace. This engagement ranges from individual workshops, to series-based programs and ongoing organizational wellness experiences.  


Meditation and/or Yoga Instruction: One session deep dive (1.5-2hrs): $180

Ongoing Series of Sessions: Contact Tai to discuss a custom schedule/plan to address your desired support

Corporate Mindfulness Training: Contact Tai to request a consultation and quote; more information about my corporate background is available @

Yoga Mentorship for Teachers: Contact Tai to request a consultation and quote

Tai’s presence is calming and comfortable and welcoming. Something about her just makes you feel like you’re in good hands. The breathwork and shamanic healing experience was everything she said it was going to be. Intense. Beautiful. Balancing. She is the real deal. You feel like you are dealing with an honest open person who does this kind of healing for the love of it and for the love of people. Words can’t describe but her gifts are special and my experience was profound.
— Julie H.
Tai is intuitive and deeply caring about her clients. Her work helped me move through some deep issues easily and in a short amount of time. I highly recommend Tai to anyone seeking perspective on current issues in their lives.
— Abby M.
I have worked with Tai in three separate capacities: a shamanic healing session, a distance healing (teleconference), and a breathwork ceremony. She is an amazing healer, gentle yet powerful. I have come out of every session with more than what I hoped for, and I have had ground-breaking movement/healing in my life because of her help. Afterward, she follows up with helpful resources, a review of the session, and next steps. I HIGHLY recommend her services. There is no judgment in her heart and she is very comforting, easy to talk to, and every experience I’ve had with her has been easy and enjoyable (despite the intensity and deep level of suffering on my part). She is obviously entrusted by higher powers as the information she receives is spot on and completely personal. Do yourself the favor and give her a call.
— Kamala C.
Thank you for your tenderness, your wisdom, your vision. I am delighted to have found you and your work.
— Amanda F.
The way you held space was just what I needed. I really appreciate the power and open heartedness you brought to the session.
— Abby H.
I have been involved in Shamanic work for 25 years and have seldom seen a more powerful practitioner than Tai. She provides precise and useful information and gets to the heart of the issue quickly. All of this while maintaining a heartfelt connection and professional approach. I highly recommend her work.
— Bond A.