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1:1 Support


When we give ourselves the gift of a dedicated space to be heard, seen, and compassionately supported, major transformation can happen. I am honored to work with individuals and couples seeking somatically-oriented healing and integration, and draw upon a wide toolkit including breathwork facilitation, shamanic healing, meditative and awareness-based practices, and dialogue-based guidance addressing the full spectrum of being (spiritual, physical, psychological, and emotional). In this manner of approach, you are supported not only in gaining greater context for what’s surfacing in your experience, but the opportunity to do the profound work of healing and transformation – which generally doesn’t happen simply through talking and narrative-based work.  

Sessions begin with a check-in regarding what’s happening in your life, followed by somatic work including breathwork journeying and/or shamanic healing. The breathwork process is a powerful modality for releasing held tension and trauma in the body, and opportunity to directly influence the nervous system and increase one’s capacity to meet the present moment without old defense structures being triggered. As a facilitator, I offer steady guidance and support as you meet what arises in your experience, and integrate shamanic healing protocols, hands-on work, and intuitive-based direction to support your process of release and integration.

For those clients who prefer not to engage breathwork (or for whom it’s not appropriate based on physical and/or psychological conditions), I engage shamanic healing techniques and presencing awareness to help release energetic blockages and return the system to a state of deep relaxation and calm.



I currently see clients in West Seattle, and small groups in North Seattle. For individuals not residing in the Seattle area, I offer remote sessions and online consultations (see below).

Session payments can be made with cash or check (made payable to "Sword & Lotus"). 


In-person Sessions (approx. 2hrs): $180; or pre-pay three sessions for $500

Distance Counseling/Coaching Sessions via Zoom/Skype (approx. 60-minutes): $110

Couples' Healing Ceremony (approx. 2hrs): $300

Private Small Group Ceremony, 3-8 people (approx. 2.5hrs): $550


As a shamanic practitioner, I am honored to support individuals navigate challenging life circumstances through the framework of distance healing. This includes physical ailment, life changes (home, work, relationship), traumatic events, and general friction and confusion on the path of life.

While it’s natural to be skeptical of the efficacy of work done remotely, every individual has an energetic signature – similar to a WIFI signal – that can be read to gain insight on why certain symptoms and experiences are manifesting, and what's required to support beneficial shifts and integration. While reduction of 'symptoms' is often a common byproduct, the intention of this work is to offer guidance and context as to what's surfacing in your life, and to support you in meeting that experience with utmost compassion and understanding. 

Remote sessions include a brief intake by phone or email (this is not a counseling session, but simply a description of your intention for support and relevant background info), and within a day or two, I'll conduct and record a “shamanic journey” in which I narrate something akin to an intuitive reading. The journey recording is sent to you (MP3 file) along with any follow-up notes of explanation or context, and occasionally, a ritual or some type of “homework” is prescribed to deepen the work.  There is no set length for the journeywork (I keep engaging the journey until I'm told the work is complete), although they tend to average 30-40 minutes. 

PLEASE NOTE: Once a session is scheduled, I'll email you as soon as possible to schedule an intake call. I am generally available to conduct the session within ONE WEEK after purchase, but if you have an urgent request, please contact me to ensure my availability meets your needs. 



Remote healing sessions can be scheduled by contacting me directly, or by purchasing a session via PayPal below (I will follow-up shortly to schedule the intake).



I selectively work with individuals as a private instructor and coach to support personal growth and transformation. This generally includes an assessment and implementation of a program incorporating yoga or other movement modality, meditation, breathwork, diet, and shamanic healing work, as appropriate.  I also work with corporate executives and entrepreneurs interested in developing their proficiencies in the context of business leadership.  

Please contact me to discuss your goals and intentions, and I will draft a customized program to best meet your needs and budget. This could range from a short series of private yoga and/or meditation sessions, to a more comprehensive program specifically crafted to support your goals. Sessions can be done in-person in Seattle, or via phone/Skype for other locations around the world.

Tai’s presence is calming and comfortable and welcoming. Something about her just makes you feel like you’re in good hands. The breathwork and shamanic healing experience was everything she said it was going to be. Intense. Beautiful. Balancing. She is the real deal. You feel like you are dealing with an honest open person who does this kind of healing for the love of it and for the love of people. Words can’t describe but her gifts are special and my experience was profound.
— Julie H.
Tai is intuitive and deeply caring about her clients. Her work helped me move through some deep issues easily and in a short amount of time. I highly recommend Tai to anyone seeking perspective on current issues in their lives.
— Abby M.
I have worked with Tai in three separate capacities: a shamanic healing session, a distance healing (teleconference), and a breathwork ceremony. She is an amazing healer, gentle yet powerful. I have come out of every session with more than what I hoped for, and I have had ground-breaking movement/healing in my life because of her help. Afterward, she follows up with helpful resources, a review of the session, and next steps. I HIGHLY recommend her services. There is no judgment in her heart and she is very comforting, easy to talk to, and every experience I’ve had with her has been easy and enjoyable (despite the intensity and deep level of suffering on my part). She is obviously entrusted by higher powers as the information she receives is spot on and completely personal. Do yourself the favor and give her a call.
— Kamala C.
Thank you for your tenderness, your wisdom, your vision. I am delighted to have found you and your work.
— Amanda F.
The way you held space was just what I needed. I really appreciate the power and open heartedness you brought to the session.
— Abby H.
I have been involved in Shamanic work for 25 years and have seldom seen a more powerful practitioner than Tai. She provides precise and useful information and gets to the heart of the issue quickly. All of this while maintaining a heartfelt connection and professional approach. I highly recommend her work.
— Bond A.