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An Introduction


It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. As a guide in the healing and awakening journey, it is my honor to support individuals seeking to heal wounds of the past so they can experience greater richness, freedom, and meaning in their lives.

My own path reflects the mythology of Chiron and the “wounded healer.” For the majority of my early life I struggled with depression, and for over a decade, I had chronic headaches that caused tremendous suffering. While I was high-functioning professionally and experienced tremendous success in the Advertising & Design industry, I was not happy, and spent most of the money I earned simply trying to feel better, physically and emotionally. In the exhausting journey of treating my headaches and other health issues, I was introduced to yoga, meditation, and other “alternative” healing modalities. In 2009, I came to a crossroads, and decided to leave everything I knew to redirect my life’s compass and reclaim a life worth living.

The journey took me to a Zen monastery where I spent time in residence deepening my meditation practice and rediscovering the joy that came from simple living in community, off the grid. I spent several months at a yoga ashram studying meditation, yogic philosophy, subtle body anatomy, and the nature of the mind. I immersed in the world of shamanism, studying core shamanic healing practices and engaging “experiential therapy” through ceremonies and rituals in various traditions, including the vegetalismo practices of the Amazon. I spent several months in residence at The Esalen Institute, where I was introduced to gifted teachers, therapists, and healing practitioners, and studied everything from dreamwork to permaculture.

I completed training and certification in Hatha Yoga, Core Shamanism, and Breathwork, and over time, began to support others with this work. What has since evolved is a not only a broad toolkit to support integrated well-being, but a strong capacity to hold a compassionate, safe, and loving space for the deepest work of transformation and liberation. 

As the character Morpheus offers in The Matrix, “it’s one thing to know the path, and another to walk it.” In excavating the depths of my Being and psyche to reclaim my physical health and vitality, psychological and emotional resiliency, and connection to the essence of my Being (and to that which transcends it all), it has become my work and most profound honor to support others on this beautiful – and utterly challenging – path of homecoming.

And while there are no quick fixes or panaceas to all that ails us, we do have the capacity to lean into the challenges of life as gateways to greater inner peace, inspiration, resiliency, and ability to hold ourselves and others with utmost compassion, respect, and honor. As the Hopi Elders offered, "we are the one's we've been waiting for." Let us not waste this precious human life, and do the work required to walk in beauty.

Please contact me if you'd like to explore working together, and if I am well-aligned to serve you, I will do my best to refer other practitioners or resources that are. Thank you for taking the time to connect here online, and regardless of whether our paths cross in-person, know that I offer you my blessings, support, and encouragement.

With love,

I give acknowledgement and gratitude to the teachers who have influenced and supported my path, including Adyashanti, Jeannie Zandi, Thomas Hubl, Ricardo Hernandez, Sandra Ingerman, Annie Carpenter, Donna Farhi, Tias Little, Dr. Douglas Brooks, and the faculty of The Himalayan Institute, including Dr. Rolf Sovik, Sandra Andersen, and Sheri Friedrichsen. And to my family, friends, and the many teachers, practitioners, and students who have served my growth, awareness, and awakening, I bow in gratitude. 


"Let us dream a new dream and birth ourselves into Being, so that we may know heaven on Earth."